Presentations (Since 2009)

"Creating a ‘Real-Time’ Food Insecurity Tracker Using IRI Scanner Data and the Household Pulse Survey.

"Health, Health Insurance, and Financial Security. An Analysis of the Medicaid Expansion on the Financial Well-Being and Retirement Preparation of Households Near Retirement"

“Affordable Care Act (ACA) Insurance Expansions and Use of Alternative Financial Services”

“Bank Accounts, Non-Bank Financial Transaction Products, and Food Insecurity Among Households with Children”

“The Effect of Childhood Savings Accounts on Household Spending”

“The Impact of Food Deserts on SNAP Participation and Food Insufficiency among the Elderly" 

“Financial Services and Food Insecurity Among Households with Children”

“The Impact of Maternal Employment on Youth Crime: Evidence from the Earned Income Tax Credit” 

“Use of Alternative Financial Services and Childhood Food Insecurity” 

“The Impact of Food Deserts on the Health Outcomes of the Elderly” 

“Do Bank Accounts Help Families to Save? Evidence from the United Kingdom” 

“Food Stamps, Food Sufficiency, and Diet-Related Disease Among the Elderly” 

“Local Economic Conditions and SNAP Caseloads" 

 “Food on the Fringe: Food Security and the Use of Fringe Benefits” 

“The Role of Advertising and Program Modernization in the Growth of the SNAP Caseload” 

“On the Road to Food Security: Vehicle Ownership and Access to Food” 

“The Downs and Ups of the SNAP Caseload: What Matters?”